St. Joseph-Ogden High School
Family and Consumer Sciences
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Mrs. Paula Ziegler


Introduction to Family & Consumer Sciences
Child Growth and Development
Foods and Nutrition
Clothing and Textiles
Child/Day Care Operations
Co-op Program
Housing and Interior

Mrs. Paula Ziegler
Mrs. Paula Ziegler

Course Description

Introduction to Family & Consumer Sciences (1 Credit)

Students will be exposed to basic information in the area of foods, clothing, relationships, child care, grooming, caring for the home, and safety and emergency procedures for the home. The focus will be on improving daily living skills relating to family and consumer sciences. Students will experience hands-on activities that reflect course objectives. Students are responsible for purchasing own materials for clothing unit. This course is recommended for freshmen.

Child Growth and Development- 10-12 (1/2 Credit)

This course emphasizes learning experiences which help students gain knowledge and understanding of the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of children from conception through adolescence. The course content centers around the following areas: pre-natal development, birth, play, abuse, and the impact of changing family situations (such as divorce, death, working parents and blended families) on the development of children. Career information is incorporated throughout the course and may be of special interest to those considering careers in early childhood, daycare, social services, and education.

Foods and Nutrition- 10-12 (1/2 Credit)

This course includes classroom and laboratory experiences needed to understand basic food principles and nutrition. The course content centers around the following: applying good nutrition, meeting health and sanitation standards, preparing and serving foods, while looking at family nutritional needs. Information related to careers in foods and nutrition is included throughout the course.

Clothing and Textiles- 10-12 (1/2 Credit)

This course includes classroom and laboratory experiences needed to develop knowledge and understanding of textiles, fashions and fabrics. It will also assist students in meeting the clothing and fabric (fashion) product needs for themselves, families and/or general public. Information related to careers in clothing and textiles is included throughout the course. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials.

Child/Day Care Operations (1/2 Credit)

This course emphasizes all the necessary skills to run a child/day care facility. It will have a special emphasis on child/day care sanitation, communication with family members, how children learn in a structured and supervises setting, setting up a child/day care facility, and developmentally appropriate lesson plans and learning experiences for children from birth to eight years old. On-site experiences will be required for this class. A minimum of 10 (independent study) hours of child/day care site observation will be required. The instructor will help with site placements. This course is designed to give students experiences to qualify them for entry level in child/day care facilities. It would also be especially helpful to those thinking of career options of social services, early childhood, or pre-K or elementary education. Prerequisite-Child Growth & Development.

Co-op Program- Seniors

Co-op is a work release program. This class meets consumer education requirements when taken for a full school year. Students must meet all listed requirements and expectations. All students must take the class in conjunction with the work release program. Students shall receive 1 credit for the class and 1 credit for the work release program.

Housing and Interior Design (1/2 Credit)

This course examines housing and interior decisions that individuals and families make based on their needs, the environment, and technology. Emphasis is placed on selecting goods and services and creating functional and pleasing living environments based on sound financial decisions and design principles. This course will also study the social, psychological and economic aspects of shelter. Arrangement of furnishings for residential spaces considering different life styles will also be examined. A study of historic and contemporary housing styles and furnishings will be included in the course, as well as the use and care of household equipment. This class is open to grades 10-12.