St. Joseph-Ogden High School
Spanish Department
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Señora Pam Krisman Señora Kate Nelson
Señora Veronica Harbaugh
Señora Jamie Vicich


Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Advanced Spanish III
Spanish IV

Spanish Club

  Senora Krisman        Senorita Swearingen
Señora Krisman    Señora Nelson

Course Descriptions

Spanish I (1 Credit)

Through the use of text, tapes, videos, songs, and games, the basics of the Spanish language are taught.  Spanish is now the second spoken language in the United States so our students do not have to travel very far to use their second language!  Through the use of repetition and imitation a student achieves the elementary skills of reading, writing and speaking.  Most students find that learning about different cultures and a second language can be both interesting and fun!
Suggested prerequisite: "C" in last semester of English.

Spanish II (1 Credit)

A students needs at least a "C" in Spanish I to take this class.
The second year Spanish is a review and a continuation of Spanish I.  The goals are to 1) improve speaking skills by daily participation and the presentation of skits, 2) improve reading/translating skills with a wide variety or reading selections, including a short novel, 3) improve writing skills by writing paragraphs/stories about personal experiences, and 4) expand the students' horizons by studying different cultures.  We will do all of this as we review/learn the 2nd year grammar and new vocabulary.

Spanish III (1 Credit)

A student needs at least a "C" in Spanish II to take this class.
While we continue to work on grammar in Spanish III, more stress is given to vocabulary and communication. We speak and write much more than is Spanish II, attempting to build real confidence in the second language.  We improve reading/translating skills by reading short stories and 2-3 novels.  We also do some fun cultural activities--like making piñatas!!  Students continue to learn about the cultures of the different Spanish speaking countries.

Advanced Spanish III (1 Credit)

A student needs at least a "B+" in Spanish II to take this class.
The advanced section of Spanish III covers the same text book activities as the regular Spanish III class but at a much faster pace.  Because it moves faster, more activities are added--mainly cultural/conversational/reading activities.  There is much more spoken Spanish.

Spanish IV (1 Credit)

A student needs at least a "C" in Spanish III to take this class.
Spanish IV students will spend the year answering the question "What is identity?"  We will learn about Spanish history and present-day life in Spain and through studying another culture and its history, students will learn more about themselves.  As seniors, students will engage in a lot of reflection, various art projects, a lot of reading and writing, and even a debate.  The year will end with a project to demonstrate to the class what they have learned about themselves and how they will apply it to their futures.