St. Joseph-Ogden High School
P.E., Health, and Driver's Ed.
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Ms. Kristen Allen
Mr. William Billman
Mr. Josh Haley
Mr. Brady Smith
Mr. Richard Vetter


Freshman-Senior P.E.
Strength and Conditioning
Driver's Education


Mr. BillmanMr. Smith
   Mr. Billman           Mr. Smith        

Course Descriptions

Physical Education 

Freshman-Senior Physical Education (1/4 Credit)

Students will develop and maintain a level of physical fitness necessary to participate in a variety of exercises and leisure activities including lifetime activities, sports, and dance.  they will learn basic and advanced skills in individual, dual, and team activities.  Students will understand lifetime wellness concepts of fitness and health and be able to develop their own individualized program of fitness to meet their needs.  Individual and group fitness days are part of the curriculum.

Strength and Conditioning (1/4 Credit)

Strength and Conditioning A B C

Mr. Billman's Strength and Conditioning

This is an opportunity for those students who wish to participate in strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular training.  Only students who are interested in strenuous physical activity should enroll.  There will be no regular physical education games or activities.  The entire curriculum revolves around daily physical workouts.  Some classroom/computer instruction involved.


Health (1/2 Credit)

Health education provides knowledge and skills to promote and maintain health.  Students are given the opportunity to acquire accurate health information and to develop healthy behavior patterns.  Emphasis is on integrating information so students can prevent future health problems and learn skills for wellness so they can evaluate options, make responsible decisions, and develop healthy behavior patterns.  This is a required course at the freshman level.

Driver Education

Driver Education (Physical Education credit granted)

The Driver Education course consists of a two-phase program containing 30 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.  Students are given classroom instruction and driving experience in all the driving habitats encountered in Champaign County.  The classroom phase will be taught in lieu of Freshman/Sophomore Physical Education for one quarter.  Placement in this course is determined by birth date, student schedule, and grades.  Illinois requires that a student pass 8 of 10 previous core courses to be registered into driver's education.