St. Joseph-Ogden High School
Social Studies Department
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Mr. Don Beckett
Mr. Jeff Kieffer
Mr. Marshall Schacht
Mr. Nicholas Wolf


American History
Recent U.S. History
Intro to Social Studies
World Geography
World History


Mr. Beckett Mr. Kieffer Mr. Schacht
Mr. Beckett Mr. Kieffer Mr. Schacht


Course Descriptions

American History (1 Credit)

This is a year-long course in which students study U.S. history from the establishment of the country to the onset of the Cold War. Critical thinking skills are emphasized as students have many opportunities to analyze primary source documents and to make connections to issues in the modern world. Causes and consequences of events are emphasized as students take an active role studying their heritage. This course is required for juniors and requires junior standing.

Civics (1/2 Credit) 

The functions and structure of American government are studied in this semester-long course. Following an examination of the events and documents that provide a foundation for our government, students take an interactive approach to studying each of the three branches. Students will have the opportunity to examine recent historical events from a political perspective. Political parties and elections are also a focus of this course. Class discussion and writing are emphasized. This course may serve to fulfill the senior-level R.U.S.H. requirement of those students who qualify. Students must have a 4.2 GPA or have the recommendation of the teacher.

Recent U.S. History  (RUSH) (1/2 Credit) 

This course is a study of the United States from the end of World War II to the present. Students will build upon their experiences in U.S. History as they explore the complexities of the last half of the 20th century. Issues such as the Cold War, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam War are central to course activities and discussions. Throughout the course, students will make connections to contemporary issues and world concerns. This course is required for seniors.

Economics (1/2 Credit) 

The structure of the American economic system is studied in this semester course. Students will consider the basics of both microeconomics (supply and demand, cost analysis) and macroeconomics (banking, inflation) during this college-preparation class. This course may serve to fulfill the senior-level Economics/Consumer Education requirements for those students who qualify. Students must have a 4.2 GPA or have recommendation of the teacher. 

Introduction to Social Science (1/2 Credit)

Students will be given an introduction to several of the main fields in the Social Sciences. They will have units on psychology and sociology, political science, geography, and economics. This course is taught using hands-on activities that emphasize critical thinking skills. Students will take an active approach to learning about the world around them. Open to freshman and sophomores.

Sociology (1/2 Credit) 

This course will be taught for one semester and will cover such topics as social relationships, human behavior and culture, social problems, and deviance and social phenomena. Institutions such as the family, education, and religion will also be discussed. It will introduce the basic concepts and principles of sociology as a discipline to the students.  Open to juniors and seniors.

World Geography (1/2 Credit)

This course will study both physical and political geography. Students will engage in a series of in-depth projects which explore various regions of our complex world. Students begin by studying the Americas and end by considering areas in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, that dominate foreign policy today. This course is required of all sophomores. 

World History (1/2 Credit) 

Students will learn about civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, the Golden Age of Greece, the Roman Republic and its growth into an empire. The final unit will close with a look at the Dark Ages and how they gave way to the modern world.  This course is open to 9-12 graders.