St. Joseph-Ogden High School
Business Department
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Mrs. Veronica Harbaugh
Mr. John Parks


Accounting I
Accounting II
Business Management
Business Law
Consumer Ed.
Information Processing
Microsoft Suite
Web Page Development and Design I and II

Ms. Veronica Gauna 

Mrs. Veronica Harbaugh

Course Descriptions

Accounting I (1 Credit)

Accounting I is a course that is of value to all students pursuing a strong background in business, finance, marketing, management, or accounting.  Course topics will include accounting for a proprietorship, accounting for a partnership, and corporate accounting.  Accounting 1 is highly recommended for those students planning to attend a college and major in any area of business, as well as those who wish a vocational preparation.

Accounting II (1 Credit)

Accounting II is a course that builds upon the foundation established in Accounting I.  This course will help students develop further knowledge of the principles of accounting using both cash and accrual concepts.  The course will cover departmental accounting, transaction analysis, preparation and interpretation of financial statements, and cost accounting.  The computer will be integrated where applicable.  Business simulations will be used to reinforce previously learned accounting concepts.  Accounting 2 provides a background for college-bound students who plan to major n the business curriculum, as well as those who wish a vocational preparation.

Business Management (1/2 Credit)

Business Management provides an opportunity for students to examine the organizational structures of today's businesses and the environment within which businesses operate.  Course topics include management today, the management environment, business foundation skills, planning/organization skills, quality control management, and leadership skills.  The course is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Business Law (1/2 Credit)

Business Law provides an opportunity for students to gain a brief introduction to the American legal system and its application to life.  Course topics include knowing about the law, contract law, consumer law, and agency law.  Business Law students also conduct their own mock trial.  This course is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Consumer Ed. (1/2 Credit, Required)

Consumer Education provides an opportunity for students to learn and utilize life skills that will be performed once they graduate high school.  Semester topics include consumerism, career exploration, money management, banking, investments, credit management, taxes, and insurance.

Information Processing (1/2 Credit)

This one semester course includes instruction on the techniques of the keyboard.  Students will learn the basics of Microsoft Word, and the work completed will include business letters, tables, outlines, memorandums, simulated assignments, and related English skills.  This course is open to grades 9-12.  Students may waive this class by showing keyboard proficiency during proficiency testing in January or February.  Dates will be announced.  The proficiency test checks for speed and accuracy, however, this course teaches much more than basic keyboarding skills.

Microsoft Suite (1/2 Credit)

This course uses the current version of Microsoft software including word processing, spreadsheets, and database in introductory, intermediate, and advanced chapters making the class appropriate for students at a variety of levels.  The integration of data between applications and desktop publishing using Publisher is also covered.  The prerequisite is Information Processing or proof of proficiency.  This is a semester class open to grades 9-12.

Web Page Development and Design I and II (1 or 1/2 Credit)

This course can be taken as a year long course or semester course.  Topics covered include Web pages developed with Microsoft Expression, advanced usage of PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and green screens.  This class will allow students to work on the school website, updating and designing web pages.  Prerequisite is Information Processing or Microsoft Suite.