St. Joseph-Ogden High School
Science Department
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Mrs. Stacey Kietzman
Mrs. Mindy Waters
Mr. Robert Glazier
Mr. Jared Rogers


Adv. Biology
Biology I
Biology II
Chemistry I
Chemistry II
Natural Science
Physical Science

Mrs. Stacey Kietzman Mrs. Mindy Waters Mr. Robert Glazier
Mrs. Stacy Kietzman Mrs. Mindy Waters Mr. Robert Glazier

Course Descriptions

Advanced Biology (1 credit)

This course is designed specifically for the college-bound students. Topics include an advanced study in zoology with dissections, a heavy concentration in human anatomy and physiology, and an entomology collection project. Only open to seniors with a 4.2 average who received at least a "B" in Biology or teacher permission.

Biology 1 (1 credit)

This course is a general study of the plant and animal kingdom. Students will spend approximately 50% of the time in a laboratory situation. Lab time will consist of mostly microscopic examination and dissection. Open to all students

Biology II (1 credit)

This course is an extension of Biology 1. General topics include ecology and conservation, evolution and speciation, and botany. The course involves laboratory exercises and is open to all juniors and seniors who achieved a passing grade in Biology 1.

Chemistry 1 (1 credit)

Chemistry is designed for anyone interested in learning the basic principles of Chemistry, but is slanted toward college prep students. Chemistry is the science dealing with the structure and composition of materials and changes in the composition of those materials. The course helps prepare the college-bound students to think of observe and to solve problems in a critical manner. Sample laboratory techniques are used. Prerequisites:  Biology 1, Algebra 1, and knowledge of standard arithmetic operations. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Chemistry II (1 credit)

Chemistry II is an extension of Chemistry 1, primarily oriented toward the college-bound student. Emphasis is on extensive problem solving, including pH calculation, equilibrium calculation, heat of reaction calculations, limiting reaction calculation,, and an introduction to organic chemistry. Laboratory work involves more complex experiments where they are deemed necessary. Prerequisites:  Chemistry 1 and Algebra 1. Open to seniors only.

Natural Science (1 credit)

This is a basic science course designed for students to complete one year of their two year science requirement. General topics include biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. The course involves some laboratory experiments.

Physical Science (1 credit)

This course integrates methods which allow student to "do-science" and "solve problems" while covering the fundamental areas of physical science. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop and improve their science reasoning and data interpretation skills, as well as, engages them in activities. Prerequisites:  Natural Science or Biology 1. Open to 10-12 graders.

Physics 1 (1 credit)

Physics is the study of matter and energy. It attempts to explain the behavior and interrelationships of matter and energy in the universe. We survey the basic principles of motion, force, energy, wave motion, vector quantities, heat and work, light and physics of the atom and the nucleus. Some laboratory exercises are included in which the students develops skills in observation and in learning to evaluate data. Prerequisites: Algebra 1 and a "C" average. Open to 11-12 graders.