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Maroon Platoon
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The Maroon Platoon was created during the school year 2004-2005 by the SJO Cheerleading Squad.  The idea was thought of because we were lacking school spirit.  As the cheerleaders sat down at practice to elaborate on ideas, someone came up with the idea to start a fan section, something like the "Orange Crush."  As they went into more detail, the cheerleaders started asking people what they thought would be a good name.  At the Fall Festival, a former senior came up with the name "Maroon Platoon."  At one point when "Maroon Platoon" was coming into play, the school invited some of the "Illini Orange Crush Leaders" to speak about school spirit; this really helped kick off the fan section.  There was a lot of support while creating this fan section; they had it arranged that every Maroon Platoon member would get a T-shirt and a member card.  The cheerleaders also made up a cheer that fans would do with them every game.  We are now in our fifth year of the Maroon Platoon and it has been very successful.

Thanks for all the support!

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