National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a group of some of the top upperclassmen who have demonstrated different leadership roles and are involved in different activities.  NHS helps out at homework club and does fundraisers to help raise money for the school and those in need.

The Pledge

By my selection for membership in the National Honor Society, I hereby pledge loyalty to this organization.  It shall be my earnest purpose to give unsparingly of my time and energy toward the promotion of all school activities.  I will strive at all times to be a model student and never knowingly bring reproach upon my school.


Chas Cox, Emily Griswell, Katie Shoukry, Sam Gilly, Beau Barber, E Everingham, Hannah Graham, Stephanie Canfield, Jessica Schluter, Rachel Ballard, Abigail Brooks, Kyle Ayers, Zeke Elkins, Kylie Stewart, and Jolee Paden

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Member Qualifications



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