El Club de Español

Students studying any of the four Spanish classes are eligible to participate in Spanish Club.  Members of the Spanish Club can participate in any of the activities that are held during the six meetings throughout the year.  The meetings take place during homeroom on Wednesdays.  These activities were chosen because they are fun, everyone can participate, and they help the kids learn more about Spanish culture.


Soccer Game

One of the first activities that the Spanish Clubs participate in is the annual soccer game.  Played in the large gym, the soccer game is between Spanish Club "K" and Spanish Club "S".

Christmas Carols

In December, members of the 3rd and 4th year classes, that choose to do so, can travel to Prarieview-Ogden Grade School to sing Christmas songs (en Español, ¡por su puesto!).

Spanish Flower-making

Each year, around Valentine's Day, Spanish Club members meet in one of the gyms to make flowers for their special someone.  The flowers are made out of folded tissue paper and wire.


For the annual Spanish Banquet, members of the Spanish Clubs each bring in a Mexican dish to share with everyone.  Recipes for the food are given to the students from Señora Krisman and Señorita Swearingen.

Softball Game

Near the end of the year, the two Spanish Clubs will face off against each other one last time in a game of softball.  This is the last meeting of the Spanish Clubs and is played outside near the baseball diamond.


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