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ACT Dates and Deadlines


ACT Test Dates 2008-2009 Registration Deadline (Regular Fee)
October 24, 2009 September 18, 2009
December 12, 2009 November 6, 2009
February 6, 2010 January 5, 2010
April 10, 2010 March 5, 2010
June 12, 2010 May 7, 2010

Late Registration (Late Fee Required)


September 19 - October 2, 2009
November 7 - 20, 2009
January 6 - 15, 2010
March 6 - March 19, 2010
May 8 - 21, 2010
SJO will be a Test Site for the October, April, and June test dates. The SJO Test Center Code is - 201880. For the first time in April 2000, ACT is a part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam. All juniors will take ACT in April during the school day as part of state required testing.