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College Campus Visit

Before visiting, consider what you want in a college or university: size, program of studies, distance from home, college setting, academic and social atmosphere, religious affiliation, minority representation, sports opportunities, financial packages, and probability of admission.

Contact the college admission office to schedule a visit and campus tour, or make a request through the Guidance Office. Ask for written confirmation and information on parking and appointment times. Many colleges have prearranged visitation days on school holidays.

If you have not talked to a college admissions representative, decide if an admissions interview would be helpful to request. If you do arrange an interview, be prepared with information about yourself and questions not answered in materials you have received, about programs and facilities. You and your parents may want to arrange an appointment with the financial aid office now or in the future.

The most important activities would be to meet students and view the campus academically and socially. Talk to student host and current students about availability of classes and professors, class size, academic pressure, social activities, campus security and any major gripes. If possible, visit a class, residence hall, student union, and the library. Read a student newspaper.

Decide if this is where you want to spend the next four years of your life. If a visit to the campus is not possible, ask the admissions office to help you contact a local student or alumnus from the college.