2011-12 SJO Homecoming Week Charity DVD Info Page ($10)

* Fully interactive and animated menus, individual scene access and photo galleries...Over 1.2 hours of video- over 500 photos in galleries set to music...

2011 DVD cover at right>>



















Missing your copy of SJO Homecomings past?  It is still possible for you to get a copy.  For $10 (which will be charitably donated), get your copy of an old SJO homecoming DVD by filling out the order form found at this link here.

*Then, bring in your order form with payment to the school's office.  When the DVD is ready (give three business days), you will be contacted and arrangements will be made for pick-up.


Student Council is an organization that serves two primary entities: our school, and the greater community.  With this DVD project, we have had the unique opportunity to not only enhance school spirit and help our students to preserve their memories from Homecoming Week, but also to generate some revenue in order to aid others.  The profits from the  2010 DVD will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Research hospital.


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