On   the   St. Joseph- Ogden   High   School   Student   Council   Crest

The crest was inspired and the early designs begun on a bus ride home from the 2010 IASC Convention in Springfield, Illinois.  It was the result of a positive convention, motivated student council members, and moreover a desire to improve our council and take it to the next level.

A crest may to some be only “window dressing”, or a mere drawing.  It is my hope that this particular one may prove to be much more than that.  Both the imagery contained within and the motto to be seen underneath have been chosen purposefully- each is meant to serve as a reminder of everything this council and the students within it are meant to be.


The helmet, as it appears, is looking directly out toward the viewer.  As a student council member, it serves as a reminder that we should always deal directly and honestly with our fellow students and the community we serve.  “Look people in the eye”, be steeled by your convictions and serve with purpose and sincerity.



The shield is a reminder that we are meant to defend our own.  We work more successfully when we are working together.  That means that we support each other, we strive to not only be critical of each other’s ideas and efforts, but also to be a constructive part of finding and carrying out solutions.  United we stand…



Be ever mindful that we are here, first and foremost, to serve each other and the members of our community.



These three footsteps remind us that we are role models.  Each of us represents the whole of our organization in everything we do and say.  As such, we need to be mindful to put our best foot forward as our student council oath of service states, “so that we might lead others to do the same”.



The gavel is a reminder that we are an organization of law.  We are bound by our constitution and by-laws.  It is only when we act according to these documents that we are acting justly in our affairs.  We are reminded also that when the occasion arises that changes to either are warranted and deemed necessary, that we have a duty to consider such changes and propose amendments to the general membership. 



A dove was chosen for two reasons; one that it has come to be a universally accepted symbol of peace, and secondly that it has also come to be connected to a spirit of idealism.  It serves as a reminder that we are an organization that dedicates itself to improvement.  Year after year, we strive to improve upon the year before- reaching ever greater heights as a council.