2011-2012 KDASC Schedule

(Kickapoo District Association of Student Councils)<<<Click Here For the KDASC Site

* A note to all SJO members.  We at SJO continue to take pride in our active role as a part of our Kickapoo District of Student Councils.  As such, we ask all our members to attend at least two of the following events throughout the school year in order to maintain active membership status with our local council.  Sign-ups will be available approx. two weeks before each event.

Fall Picnic-     September 10th-This is a chance to be outside, and play our favorite leadership building games. (hosted by Tuscola 9:30-1) PHOTOS HERE

District Dance-Thursday, October 27th  @ SJO (6-9 Halloween themed)  Bring your costumes, dance skills, and leadership talent, to this most competitive district event.  We are hosting this one!  Get ready for some fun...PHOTOS HERE

Fall Retreat-   Wednesday, December 7th @ Atwood-Hammond (8am-1pm)  This is a chance to meet the KDASC officers, presented by Mrs. Debbie Fay...

Winter Retreat-    Wednesday, January 18th 2012 @ SJO Prince of PEace (hosted by Oakwood from 8:30-2pm) This is a winter getaway, come meet new friends, learn about leadership and listen to a fascinating guest speaker.

Hospitality Night- 

 Thursday, February 16th, 2011 @Unity (6-9)  One last chance to dance with your Kickapoo buds!

Spring Convention-   Saturday, March 10th@ Champaign I Hotel, hosted by Mahomet (8am-1pm)